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Albion Online - Quick Upgrade Guide
How leveling fast? Must is using craft, I bet it’s better than nothing! using craft. Here’s a short and easy guide to make 2 levels in less than 10 minutes using craft! 

Some things to know first : 

This is NOT an exploit bug 

Be prepared to spend 50 silver coins! 

If you don’t find some materials, read the entire guide! 

First, you have to go to any capital city, find a cooking master, and ask 
him to be a chief. Then read the following instructions:

Buy 10x Packet of Salt and 4x Black peppercorn in bulk to the cooking master 

Craft 100 Pile of salt and pepperBuy 10x Jar of vegetable oil and 10x Jar of vinegar 

Craft 100 Bottle of simple dressing 

Buy 10x Jug of water, 10x Bags of flour, 4x Eggs in bulk 

Craft 100 Pasta Noodles 

Buy 10x Bags of flour and 4x Butter in bulk 

Craft 100 Bowl of roux 

Buy 4x Bell pepper in bulk et 4x Chili pepper in bulk 

Craft 100 Pile of paprika 

Once all those steps are done, you should have gained more or less 2 levels. 

Last tips for your 10 minutes crafting session : 

The « in bulk » materials can be found in the second and third tabs of the cooking master’s shop.You must use the paper bag that appears in your bag to collect the material which will be used in crafting. 

All the mentioned components can be bought to the cooking master, except the Chili pepperThe Chili pepper can be bought to Sagum Relicseeker in Plains of Ashford, near to the Ascalonian Catacombs. You first need to complete the associated renown heart to buy him the needed materials. 

Are you understand? Good Luck!